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Settlement Rejected

Judge Chin just issued an opinion rejecting the proposed settlement. He adopts the position of the United States, writing, “many of the concerns raised in the objections would be ameliorated if the ASA were converted from an ‘opt-out’ settlement to an ‘opt-in’ settlement. I urge the parties to consider revising the ASA accordingly.”

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National Federation of the Blind Files Complaint Over Google Apps Accessibility

The National Federation of the Blind may be a strong Google supporter when it comes to the settlement and its accessibility provisions, but when it comes to Google Apps, not so much. The NFB filed a complaint with the Department of Justice, objecting to the lack of accessibility in Google Apps. The complaint targets NYU […]

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Alan Story: Creating the Google Domain

Alan Story, who writes about international equity in intellectual property regimes, has written an interesting new paper, Creating the Google Domain: A Critical Assessment of Google’s Book Search Scheme as part of the papers from the third CopySuth Workshop in Rio de Janeiro. As the title promises, it’s a genuinely “critical” look at the settlement. […]

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Update on French Cases

Intellectual Asset Management has an update on litigation against Google in France. Google Books, Google Images, and Google Videos have all been targeted in separate lawsuits. The courts have been going every which way in terms of whether to apply French or United States law, and on how to analyze Google’s indexing and search services. […]

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Jenna Newman Gives a Publisher’s Perspective

Jenna Newman’s new article, The Google Books Settlement: A Private Contract in the Absence of Adequate Copyright Law has just been published in Scholarly and Research Communication. Newman worked with the University of British Columbia Press to claim its books with Google and to formulate its strategy for dealing with the proposed settlement. Her article […]

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Trigona on Google Book Search Choices

Giovanna Occhipinti Trigona has published Google Book Search Choices in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. In the words of the abstract, it “critically analyzes Google’s proposal in the context of the Bern Convention, discussing the impact on IP rights and assessing the effect upon the position of rights-holders upon acceptance.” The key […]

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Long Extension in the Photographers’ Case

The parties in the ASMP case have agreed to another extension. This one requests a six-month delay, until August 25. That’s a long time from now.

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Rothman on the National Digital Library

David H. Rothman, It’s Time for a National Digital-Library System, Chronicle Review (Feb. 24, 2011); Not every library item can go online tomorrow with patrons charged no fees for access. Still, we can at least work toward that goal in a reasonable way. A compromise might be for best sellers and other popular offerings not […]

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1PlusV Complaint Adds Google Books

Aoife White, Google Blocks Smaller Ad Rivals, Competitor Says in EU Antitrust Complaint, Bloomberg, Feb. 22, 2011: 1PlusV sent a complaint to the European Commission today claiming Google refused to allow so-called vertical search sites to use its advertising service, the French web publisher said. Google also appears to give preferential treatment to its Google […]

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Google Scans Millionth CIC Book

Paul Wood, Millionth book scanned to digital in project, News-Gazette (Champaign), Feb. 22, 2011: Google Books is working with the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, the Big Ten schools plus University of Chicago, with a goal (for now) of 10 million volumes from member libraries, and passed the million mark just this month.

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