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Antitrust Chronicle Special Issue on the Decision

The CPI Antitrust Chronicle has a new issue mostly devoted to the Google Books decision. Although the full text of the six articles is only available to subscribers, here are the titles and abstracts: Timothy Brennan, Revise or Start Anew? Pondering the Google Books Rejection Why the objectors to Google in the settlement need not […]

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Pamela Samuelson: Overcoming Copyright Obstacles in a Post-Google Book Settlement World

Professor Samuelson has written prolifically about the settlement and its significance for larger debates about the copyright system. Her new guest post for the Center for Democracy and Technology, Overcoming Copyright Obstacles in a Post-Google Book Settlement World, provides an overview of the state of affairs after Judge Chin’s opinion, including a short and succinct […]

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Google Books Affiliate Program Launches

Google has integrated Google Books into its other affiliate advertising programs. Here is the official blog post announcement.

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GW Roundtable on June 15

George Washington University Law School will hold a roundtable on June 15 with the provocative title. “Can the Google Book Settlement Be Fixed?: A Roundtable Discussion Among Experts”: This conference will explore what options are available to the parties that would retain the principal benefits of the rejected deal, but might satisfy the judge and […]

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Next Status Conference Scheduled for July 19

Today’s status conference lasted five minutes. The parties requested more time to discuss their options, and Judge Chin agreed, scheduling the next status conference for Tuesday, July 19, at 10:00 AM.

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New Video on What Next?

On behalf of the Public Index, I’m happy to announce the start of a new video series. We’ll be posting videos that feature analysis, commentary, and interviews on the Google Books case and on the future of e-books. We’ll be posting them here at the Public Index and to our new Vimeo channel. The first […]

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Samuelson on Legislative Alternatives

Pamela Samuelson has posted a draft of her new paper, Legislative Alternatives to the Google Book Settlement. It provides her version of a roadmap for what Congress should do to preserve the good elements of the now-rejected settlement while replacing the bad. Also likely to be of interest is her recent lecture, Why the Google […]

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Status Conference Delayed

The parties have requested, and Judge Chin has ordered, that the status conference be moved back to June 1 at 4:00 PM. The letter provides no indication of the reason for the five-week delay.

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Further Discussion of the Settlement

Jonathan Band has written a must-read guide to the opinion, A Guide for the Perplexed Part IV. It is detailed and accessible, and should be the first choice of anyone seeking to understand the opinion. I give a ten-minute overview of the opinion in an interview for Bloomberg Law, and wrote a blog post for […]

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First Analyses of the Opinion

We have posted a collection of articles reporting on Judge Chin’s opinion to the News page and will be adding more as they appear. I have posted my individual analysis of the opinion to my personal blog. Kenneth Crews has posted his own shorter summary of the opinion. We will, of course, be adding links […]

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