Antitrust Chronicle Special Issue on the Decision

By [Thursday, June 23rd, 2011] at 11:51 am

The CPI Antitrust Chronicle has a new issue mostly devoted to the Google Books decision. Although the full text of the six articles is only available to subscribers, here are the titles and abstracts:

Timothy Brennan, Revise or Start Anew? Pondering the Google Books Rejection

Why the objectors to Google in the settlement need not be on the side of competition.

Isabel Davies and Holly Strube, Online Distribution of Copyright Works: Judge Chin Rejects Google Books Settlement

Multinational co-operation will not be easily achieved, but this process must begin without delay.

Gina Durham, The Google Book Settlement & the Uncertain Future of Copyright

The rejection of the Amended Settlement for the Google Book Project underscores the frustrated dichotomy between old laws and new media.

Ian Forrester, Google Books: Game and Set to the Sceptics; the Match Continues

The judgment is interesting, easy to read, rich in the voices of ordinary people, and very severe.

Mark Giangrande, The Rejection of the Amended Google Book Settlement Agreement: A Librarian’s Perspective

The point that often seems secondary, the actual content of the scanned books, is, from a librarian’s perspective, very important.

Randal Picker, After Google Book Search: Rebooting the Digital Library

We should want the ecosystem containing digital libraries to be rich and teeming.

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