Pamela Samuelson: Overcoming Copyright Obstacles in a Post-Google Book Settlement World

By [Monday, June 20th, 2011] at 7:56 pm

Professor Samuelson has written prolifically about the settlement and its significance for larger debates about the copyright system. Her new guest post for the Center for Democracy and Technology, Overcoming Copyright Obstacles in a Post-Google Book Settlement World, provides an overview of the state of affairs after Judge Chin’s opinion, including a short and succinct version of the arguments she develops at length in her forthcoming article Legislative Alternatives to the Google Book Settlement. Here is her conclusion:

Many, even if not all, of the social benefits that would have flowed from approval of the GBS settlement can be achieved in other ways. Some reforms can perhaps be done through private ordering (e.g., professors making their books available on an open access basis), some through fair use (e.g., scanning to index contents), and some through legislation. We should not let the failure of the GBS settlement stand in the way of finding new ways to make cultural heritage more widely available.

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